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System Availability: All systems

Any station and most voice mail devices can turn on a message waiting indicator for a designated digital or standard telephone station.

LED Indication

Message waiting lights can be activated when a voice mail message has been left, or they can be turned on by a calling station. The station user can retrieve messages by pressing the button next to the message waiting light or by dialing an access code from a standard telephone.

The telephone main Msg light indicates a message is waiting for the telephone [PDN]. Up to four [PhDNs] per telephone can also have individual MW LEDs assigned to flexible buttons.

Stutter Dial Tone

Stutter dial tone is also used to indicate a message is waiting or your telephone is in the DND mode. When a station user goes off-hook, two different available stuttered dial tones indicate whether a Message Waiting (MW) or DND condition exists. The MW-stutter dial tone indicates a message is waiting for the station. DND-stutter dial tone indicates DND is set at the station. (DND provides a fast busy tone burst as stutter dial tone.) If both conditions exist simultaneously, the MW-stutter dial tone has priority. This is very valuable to station users that do not have a MW Light Emitting Diode (LED) or DND button LED on their telephone. (See Table 43 on page 173 for details of each type of stutter dial tone.) With Release 1.3 and higher, users can disable (in programming) stutter dial tone for message waiting and when in the DND mode. If stutter dial tone is disabled, they will hear normal dial tone when you go off hook.


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